Re: Boundaries

I suppose it’s important to set boundaries around what you say. Around what you release to the world. To always keep in mind that something may not come across in the way you meant it to. To always take accountability when you overstep boundaries, and hurt another person.

The best intentions don’t always result in the best outcomes. I know the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Which one might say applies to the same situations. But I’m not talking about trying to be altruistic, and failing. I’m talking about letting things out, that probably should have stayed inside your head. That you never meant to cause harm. But did.

I’ve always been able to take accountability for my screw ups. It’s living with myself afterwards, and figuring out how I need to change that always throws me for a loop. Particularly with people who are close to me. When I hurt someone dear to me, overstep, or under step, an entire evaluation needs to talk place.

I will be the first one to take personal blame in a situation. I will be the first one to agree, that I screwed up. I will do my utmost to do better. I need time though. Time to figure out what that better means.

Remember. I’m still in process.



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