Re: Listening amongst the shouting

I’m in this place where I have thoughts, opinions, ideas, so many things that I want to cry out to the world. That I want the world to hear.

But how do you make your voice heard? How do you cut through everything? How do you reach the people who need to hear? Whose minds you are trying to reach?

I have this group of people who agree with me. Who believe what I believe. Who are on my team. How do I bridge the gap? How do I reach the people who have fundamental disagreements with me? How do I begin to have a conversation with them?

It is too easy to close off your ears to opinions you disagree with. It is too easy to be scared away by the other. Whether that’s turning off that news feed stream, or skipping a particular article. People do not have to listen to you. People do not have to listen to anything that displeases their minds. 

Yet these are the people I want to talk to. I need to talk to. There are people who need to enter the conversation. Enter with logic, and an open mind.

Can we agree to both have an open mind? Can we agree to stop the shouting, and listen. To state our opinions, listen to the other person, and create an informed opinion from there? To attempt an understanding. Perhaps not a full on agreement. But a mutual understanding.

It shouldn’t be so much to ask. Asking people to open their minds, and listen to the opposite side of the isle is tragically difficult to do. But it must be done. To facilitate change, we must listen. 



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