Re: Women

I am continuously impressed by the women who surround me in my life. For their strength. For their bravery. For their questions. For their consistent questioning of the status quo.

It stands in stark contrast to the portrayal of women in the media. The women who are portrayed as bimbos. As women who are only valued for their bodies.

I wonder what would happen if the women covered in the media were as valued for their minds, as the women in my every day life. What would happen if the media covered the wisdom of these women? The real experiences of these women? Were brave enough to ask real questions? Questions that confronted these women’s humanity.

When reporters go home, do they treat their mothers in the same way as they treat celebrities? Do they criticize what their sister wore that day? Do they wonder if their daughter is ready for bikini season?

They must value the women in their life for their minds. Right? They must treat them with humanity and respect? Why can’t that be what they talk about in public?

I am so tired of the conversation about women’s looks. About men’s looks. Their weight. Their haircut. Their bodies are their bodies. Focus on their intelligence. On their minds. On how they are contributing to the world. You know, the things you would want people to focus on in your life.

Can we elevate the conversation? Is that possible? Can we talk about real things? How would that change how women thought of themselves on a day to day basis? How we valued each other? How would that change how men thought about women? How women thought about women? How the world thought about women?


2 thoughts on “Re: Women

  1. Women need to be a larger part of the media, direction, production, writing etc. Not just that but I think women themselves need to look at women with less “superficial” need for a mandatory compliance for the popular definition of beauty. I see women torture women over how they look everyday, outside of media. I hope more compassionate and intelligent women take on important roles in the media and other places of influence. That is the only way we can change the current representation of women in the media. Great piece, thanks for sharing.


    1. I completely agree. The first step is accepting the women around us; there is so much woman on woman anger that arises from a place of deep insecurity. There is a deep need for healing and acceptance within our own ranks. Further agree on more woman taking leadership roles. The more women rise up together, the less of a perceived threat they are to each other. The more cohesive the voice promoting a more full portrayal of women’s intelligence. Thank you so much for your comment.

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