Re: Artistic Questions

Why do you make art? Do you make it to make people laugh? To cry? To tell your story? To tell someone else’s story? Who will care? Why will people care? Why will people take the time to pause from their life and invest in what you have made? Every artist must confront what they are trying to say when they create a piece. So why do you do what you do? 

To be remembered? To get it out of your head? To fill the void?

For yourself? For humanity? To communicate some vision of a better world? A world that can be glimpsed through this small peephole of your ideas?

Will your art change the world? How will it change the world? What does that mean? Changing the world? Does it mean making someone reframe how they approach their fellow man? How they treat that stranger walking down the street? How they address the barista at the coffee shop, as a fellow human being, as opposed to a machine? Will that be enough change? 

In this world of temporary movements, here one moment and gone the next, I wonder what will make an impact. What will make people listen. What will be heard, even for a moment, before it gets lost in the void?




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