Under Attack

We have women under attack
We have black men under attack
We have mental health under attack
We have illegals under attack
We have marriage under attack
We have equality under attack.

The attacks are verbal
The attacks are violent
The attacks are legal
The attacks are cultural

The attacks are from fear
Fear of the other
Fear of the unknown
Fear of something so far away from what you know
That you can’t stand to let it be free.

It’s not just one group
It’s society
It’s society attacking society
Saying some hate is fine
Saying some hate is sanctioned
Denying prejudice
Denying the fear

When does it end?
If it doesn’t end when a woman is raped?
If it doesn’t end when innocent men are shot?
If it doesn’t end when desperate families cross our borders?
If it doesn’t end when love is celebrated?

What has to happen for the attacks to stop?
For people to be people.
Defined by their humanity,
And not by some uncontrollable piece of their identity

I don’t know.
I have no answers.
I only have questions.
I only know that these attacks serve one purpose:
To propagate fear.

And that seems like a stupid reason
For people to be dying.



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