Re: When Technology Fails Us

When technology fails us, the world ends. Buildings collapse around us. The world becomes cloudy. A clear delineation between ‘before the crash’ and ‘after the crash.’

Or that’s what it feels like inside. The most you’ll get from a sympathetic friend is, “Bummer. Did you back it up?”

And Yes, I did back up my computer. 2 weeks ago. But two weeks ago, I hadn’t started work on an animated short film, written a new draft of a play, or scanned over 300 photos.

The problem with technological failures (or computer crashes) is that any data lost is sort of your fault. And no one else knows what you’re going through, exactly. So they can’t “POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND THIS DISASTER!!!!”

We live our lives tethered to these machines. When they crash, we cry and vow that we will be a million times more vigilant. Backups every ten minutes! But, of course, vigilance slips, and the cycle begins again.

We also hate to admit our dependence on technology. We see it as a personal weakness. It’s not. It’s the nature of the world we live in.

And I didn’t lose the world. I lost time, sure, but I had almost everything backed up either on drives, online, or on other technology. So it’s not the end of the world. A pain in the ass? Yes. But worse things occur and life goes on.

Plays can be reconstructed. Photos re-scanned, animated films remade.

Just ignore me temporarily going a little insane. I just lost a play and an animated film.



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