Longterm effects of being a bookworm

Dear Parent,
I write to you from the other side of childhood. Having come through the battlefield of growing up, I come to you with several findings on the results of being raised as a bookworm.
  1. A love of reading. There is no getting around this. When the only activity to occupy your time is reading a book, you learn to love it.
  2. An above average vocabulary. The more words you are exposed to, the more verbose you become.
  3. The ability to imagine other worlds. As you are exposed to other realms far beyond your world, you too will begin to imagine other places. Both real and fictional.
  4. A great deal of patience. Reading takes time. You will be exposed to hours that fly by, and an ability to sit still from your long term exposure to book reading.
  5. A propensity for an artistic career. No longer satisfied with completely mundane activities, you shall desire a more fulfilling life filled with art and creativity.
  6. A greater understanding of your fellow person. Books broaden your ability to empathize. Thus making you a more understanding person.
  7. A love of rainy days and warm beverages. These two lend themselves to reading.
These are the 7 basic effects I have observed from my time as a bookworm. Take this knowledge and proceed as you will.
A longterm bookworm

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