Re: Grown up Friendship

When you’re 5, friendship is easy. Making friends. Staying friends. Seeing friends. You have such a small group of friends, that it is never a battle to see them. The hardest decision that your parents have to make is where to have the play date that weekend. Then they just drop you off. Everything else is taken care of.

At 5 years old, your heart is still whole. You haven’t been enough places, for long enough to grow attached to people you won’t see for a long time. Your heart is still in one place.

All that changes when you grow up. You move to different places. Your friends move to different places. Your heart is torn. You no longer have one place where you see all of your friends, on a daily basis. You have different groups of friends. In different places around the country.

When you grow up, you have to arrange your own play dates. And these play dates are infinitely more difficult to schedule. And the play dates need to be longer because so much time has passed between when you last saw each other, and now.

When you’re a grown up, 5 hour coffee dates become the norm. Until the next reunion, which will happen, who knows when.

Strange how we have all the time in the world to talk about everything when we are 5, but after our friendships have deepened, we only see each other once in a blue moon. When you need more time with each other. To cover more of life. To talk about more than sharing crayons.

I suppose I prefer the coffee date friendships to the sharing crayons friendships. They’re deeper. Have more meaning. But I would give so much for those coffee date friendships to have the time of my 5 year old friendships. When there were no transcontinental flights involved.



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