Re: My poem to yarn

Set to “Inch by inch, row by row”

Loop by loop

Loop by loop
Row by row
Gonna make this blanket grow
All I need is some patience oh,
And about a million skeins of yarn

Then I’ll have a new throw.
It’ll go, gee, I don’t know
Probably in the yarn closet though
With all the other balls of yarn.

You’re laughing, that I know
You don’t have my obsession though.
You can’t sit for hours on end
With nothing but a hook and yarn

I just broke that rhyme there
I don’t even really care.
My brain is elsewhere
Like on where I’ll put more yarn.

That’s all I have to say
Gonna go to the shop today
Then I’ll be in my happy place,
Surrounded by all that yarn.

So long, just for now
This piece has gone on too long.
So I’m gonna stop now.
And go on my merry way.

Check out the short film I made for this:



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