Intro to B12 Productions

In December, I had just finished college, and was attempting to figure out the channel for all of the film ideas I had. Having just finished two semesters at film school, my brain was more geared towards that, than producing theatre. I wanted a place where I could produce short films, that I had written, where I could cast my friends.

Over coffee, the day after we finished our finals, my best friend, and collaborator in practically everything in life, sat chatting about what we wanted to do next. I pitched her the idea of a production company. We had a ton of ideas for films. We had actor friends. We were about to get a camera (for christmas). I could write. She could direct. I could edit. She could DP.

I had the idea to make silent films, to start. I loved the black and white era of Charlie Chaplin films, and since sound was expensive, and we had no money to make the films, I figured we might as well start with silent films. We discussed titles, and I loved the name B12 Productions. It combined the titles of our apartments, (hers B5, mine 1812) into a nifty little title. It is also a vitamin that promotes growth and health. Something we were aiming to inject into the world.

We came up with our principles. The types of stories we wanted to tell. What our governing ideas would be. The list we jotted down included: Feminism. (obviously). Untold stories. Awkward conversations. Stories of the underrepresented. Stories of the oppressed and marginalized.

Now, all we needed were the films to shoot, and for the holidays to pass, so that we would both be back in New York. I flew back to CA with much hope and excitement. Over the coming months, we had no idea what would transpire. We had no way of knowing the terrible deaths that would occur within our families. The emotional trauma that arose from that would put our little venture on hiatus as we muddled through our grief. But after 2 months of us grieving and processing then grieving again. Attempting to put our lives back together, I brought up the idea again.

I had written 15 different short films at this point. All of which were ready to be shot. They “simply” needed to be cast and scheduled. I brought up the idea of shooting what turned out to be our first film, “All Dressed Up.” She readily agreed. We shot the film with one of my best friends, a stunning example of everything we wanted in our film star. We filmed in my apartment, in black and white. I edited the film. And the rest is history.

So this page will be the place where I put the short films. I have written all of them thus far. They all star my friends, (or occasionally, myself.) They are all labors of love. They have all been tremendous learning experiences. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.



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