Re: Graduation’s for the family

My graduation ceremony from college approaches. I say ceremony, because I finished classes in December. This is just a big delayed reaction to something that occurred seemingly a million years ago. While I’m not particularly excited about it, it has little to do with post grad anxiety. I’ve been living post grad life for the past five months. With five months of anxiety and hard work under my belt.

I always thought that graduation would be more exciting event for me. I had known about the amazing places where my college hosted our graduations from the moment I got into school. Yankee Stadium and Radio City Music Hall are two of the coolest places I could imagine graduating. Having Martin Scorsese speak at my graduation will be a highlight of my life.

It’s the pomp and circumstance. The glory of graduating college that my brain hasn’t gotten behind. I was perfectly fine, or maybe not fine, but could deal with people telling me “Congratulations” for graduating in December. I didn’t feel like it was a particularly big accomplishment. It was another check on the box of the life I had planned for myself. I went to school, learned things, and got out. There was no need to cause a big hullaballoo.

I graduated in 3.5. years to get out of college as quickly as possible. I didn’t view college as the best years of my life, rather a time of transition and growth as I figured out what I wanted to do. I had a good portion of it figured out before I graduated. I just wanted to get out and make work. There didn’t need to be congratulations or anything like that.

But now we arrive at the time to celebrate. My sister said everyone wants to celebrate the immense accomplishment of graduating college. So at the very least, I can be happy that my family is happy. I’m happy that there isn’t a tuition bill arriving in the mail anymore. That’s a thing I can celebrate. But celebrating myself, whether it’s birthdays or graduations has never been too high on my list. We all have a birthday. Doesn’t seem like an extraordinary thing to celebrate. I graduated college. Just like I had planned.

So in the coming weeks, as my broken family descends on NY, and they celebrate graduation, I’ll thank my lucky stars that I’ll be in the same room as Martin Scorsese. And that is more than enough to celebrate.



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