Sharing Birthdays

I was staring down at my scholastic journal that was discussing the 2 candidates for the 2000 election. I was in shock. At 8 years old, I had decided that my party of choice would be the Republican Party. My father was a registered republican and since I was determined to have something, anything in common with him, I decided that we could agree on political parties.

In my first kiddy election, the 2000 primary election, I went to the polls and voted for one Mr. Bush. Because he sounded nice and I had seen his name in the newspaper. But there, in my scholastic magazine was evidence that I had made the wrong decision. And I would have to switch political parties. Because there, in clear bold print was Al Gore’s birthday: March 31.

My birthday. The two of us shared birthdays. I had to vote for him. I had to abandon my father’s political party. That day, my dad picked me up from school. And I sat in the car in silence. He looked at me, clearly concerned, “Honey, What’s wrong?”

I couldn’t hold it in: ” I can’t be a republican dad. And I’m really really really sorry.”

He looked at me surprised. “Alright, why the change of heart?”

I looked down and said, “Al Gore and I, we share birthdays…so I have to vote for him right?”

“I guess so.” And he paused.

“I’m so so so so sorry!!” I said.

He chuckled, and said, “That’s ok. I’m voting for Mr. Gore too.”

I looked up at him surprised: “But you don’t share birthdays?”


“So why are you voting for him?”

“Because I agree with him on his policies.”

“Hmmm. They won’t get mad at you?” “No, and Sarah that’s a part of living in a free country. We can vote for who we want to.”

“Oh, ok. That still seems like a strange reason.”

He just smiled.



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