Re: Under Construction

I live in construction. I wake up to the sounds of construction. I recognize construction workers when I leave my apartment. It’s not because I’m particularly fond of loud jack hammers waking me up. It’s because I live on the second avenue subway construction. Not in the ‘sort of under construction area.’ Right in the middle of it. My street changes daily. I never know when my street corner will move, or if I will be able to cross the street at a certain corner. It is ever evolving.

I know it’s hardly original to complain about construction; no one likes the interruptions caused by construction. No one enjoys the resident rodent population. No one enjoys having their water shut off at 8 in the morning. No business enjoys the financial hit from losing customers who don’t want to wade through the construction.

So why do we do it? Why do we knock down old structures and rebuild new ones? Why put in a new subway line? Progress, we hear people say. To move into the future. For the promise of a new tomorrow. Because new buildings provide new jobs and more opportunity for the future. “We’ll like it when it’s done.” Generally, this is true. There is, of course the acclimation phase of: “We hate it!” Which evolves to, “It’s ok. I guess.” Finally arriving at, “I can’t imagine life without it!!!” So why are we as a population so averse to change? Why do we scream and kick our feet before the change is fully implemented?

Growing up, I heard, “Change is good, You go first!” A mantra that indicates how averse we are to even simple changes. We are creatures of habit, I suppose. We never want to adapt. Because that means breaking routines. And abandoning our otherwise mindless routines behind.

I’m not going to say that change is always easy. But I am going to question why you may not like a certain change. Is it because it is an annoying inconvenience to you? Or is there a greater problem in the situation? I understand either case. I hate inconveniences. But perhaps it will be easier to swallow if it benefits you in the long run. Just something to consider.



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