Re: Spring Promises

I’ve never been one for spring cleaning. Its always been more of a “Oh no! Friends are coming over! Must clean!”

I don’t live in a particularly big space. Manhattan is more known for its closet sized apartments. Not so much the palatial castles. But there is enough space in my studio to accumulate things I don’t need. I am particularly prone to saving plastic and brown paper bags. At one point in my life, these were in short supply.

But this morning, I woke up deciding to clean out my cupboard and “Yarn/Dark Hole of things/paper bags” closet. My cupboard had not been cleaned in years. I’m not much for cleaning the hidden places in my apartment that can be closed off from public view. But off I went this morning.

Reorganizing plates, cups, bowls; the cupboard; the small appliances. Consolidating. Throwing out. Breaking down boxes. Moving yarn. I rediscovered old friends in bags. Old cooking supplies. Some less than pleasant old food. Too many dust bunnies. I ended with two full garbage bags; a bag of broken down boxes; countless grocery bags; a bag of bags; and a new sense of freedom from stuff. Spring Cleaning.

I suppose that is the applicable term here; I was cleaning, and it is spring. Perhaps that’s what people mean when they speak of “the promise of spring.” Shedding old layers. Refocusing and moving forward. Reevaluating where you want to go with your life now that the bitter winter has passed and the sun emerges regularly.

I haven’t had a spring like this perhaps ever. A spring when I have so much control over my own time and creative focus. So I’m going to take the promise of spring and move forward. Move forward with this new outlook of clarity.



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