Re: Non-Rejection Rejection

We live in this society that can’t give a direct no. It seems people can’t just give a direct negative response. It has to be a full explanation. It can’t be “We’re not interested.” It has to be, “Thank you so much for applying…we received so many pieces and though yours was great, we are not able to take it at this time.” There is too much language. How many words do you have to say to say no without saying no?

We are a world afraid of hurting feelings. Constantly determined to be politically correct, we can no loner be direct with each other. When ending a relationship we always beat around the bush. We don’t say, “I’m done.” We say, “Hey so…blah blah blah” Or better yet, we say nothing. They’ll get the message eventually right?

No. We should use the word more often in rejection situations. Sure, give an explanation afterwards. But I’d like to reinstate the use of the word No. It cuts to the point. It hurts, yes, but trying to cushion a rejection in language doesn’t help anyone.

The word ‘no’ is brief and to the point. It gets there faster. It’s universally understood. It cannot be misconstrued. Because in situations when you are being turned down, having too many words around the message of No drags out the pain and awkwardness. It offers too much room for interpretation.

And please do say No. Don’t let the silence drag on without communication. That is terrible to experience on the other end. And you know that because you have experienced both sides of the situation.

So let’s revive no. Let’s revive directness. Let’s revive simple truth. In everything. Bring back simple elegance. Get rid of the painful extras. Who needs that many words when there is one perfect word: No.



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