Her ‘s’ is lying down

Visualize an S for me. Do you see it? It’s vertical and has two curves in it. Now visualize an infinity symbol. Or a figure 8. It is horizontal with several curves in it, and if you remove the bottom half of the symbol, you could say that it looks like an S that’s lying down. Well, that’s the S I was writing at the age of 4. Not to be cute or fun. Or because I had a particular affinity for the infinity symbol. I very much thought that the horizontal S I was writing and the vertical S were the same symbol. And that’s where our story starts.

On the test to get into Kindergarten, you have to write your name, because presumably you know your abc’s, and have written your name throughout your pre-school career. But this whole name writing thing was a bit problematic for me, as my name involves an ’s.’ So I would write my name for my parents and teachers. But it would be with the horizontal S. And they would show me the proper S, and I would look at my S and nod, thinking, “these are the same thing.”

It was clear there was a problem. And the problem had been there for a long time. You can look at pictures of me from the age of 2 on and see that my left eye is drifting up into la la land. And my parents were not oblivious. They saw my eye drifting, and took me to the doctor. And that doctor said that it was a problem I would grow out of, that it wasn’t effecting my eye sight. Ha!

But problems persisted, so they took me back. And he said the same thing. And more time passed, and my eye was still drifting, and I was still writing my ’s’ funny. So my parents brought me to my pediatrician, who did another eye test. He told my parents that I wasn’t seeing out of my left eye. And that’s why it was drifting up.

So they took me to a new eye doctor, a specialist, who said, “if we don’t start therapy immediately, she is going to lose all vision in her left eye.” So much drama. So we started the aggressive therapy (which is its own set of stories) and overtime, my S’s stopped lying down.



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