Re: When the Rock Crumbles

Re: When the rock crumbles

You never see some of the biggest life changes coming. Especially those that have defined your identity since you were born. My dad has worked at the same place for over 30 years. A valued employee, his work defined a portion of how I saw him.

He was stoic. Quiet. Unreadable. And part of that had to do with where he worked. He couldn’t talk about where he worked because it was for the government and super high security. So we never talked too much about his work.

Dad worked so he could feed his family. Pay the bills. Give us security. It was never an undying passion for what he did. But he worked at the same place for such a long time that I figured he would be there for the rest of his life. He did too. There was never a question about it.

Then he received his lay off notice. The company is downsizing. But he made it through so many lay off cycles and survived, that I thought they would never let him go. I thought he was untouchable.

And now that that has changed, I realize how lucky our family has been. Because we, my sister and I, we grew up in a financially secure place. And dad will find work again. He is still a tremendous asset for any company. But it will be a new identity. This is the end of an era.

And hopefully it’s for the best. Maybe he’ll find a job with more fulfillment. But in this precarious time, it is important to remember your blessings. Remember what is truly important. Your family. Your friends. Your relationships. I am so glad that he doesn’t define his happiness through work.

But a crater has opened up. And everything is going to change. Perhaps that’s the most terrifying part. Change. The unknown. But may we embrace it and take it in stride. Nothing is forever.



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