Re: Mentors

They look after us. Protect us. Advise us. They follow us from a distance when we are away. Champion our victories. Offer perspective in our defeats.

Mentors are the type of people we lose touch with, often unintentionally from a grueling schedule. Doing what we love. How often we forget the value of a cheerleader in our lives. The value of having that person to turn to. That person who after 2 years will welcome you back into their life and want to know everything. How often I forget that there is a group of people who care. Who want to know.

So often I live in isolation from my community. To avoid my past. My actions. That contain shame and embarrassment. Not wanting to recognize its existence. This existence of a person who I have grown and learned from. For she is too close to who I am now. Yet she exhibits the faults that I am working to correct.

And by moving 3,000 miles away, I gave myself space. Space to grow. Space to fly. And it was needed. That space. But part of maturing is going back and accepting the past life. seeing how far you’ve come. Thanking those who helped you get there. Having gratitude for that life. And those choices. The good and bad.

And the people who planted the seeds for where you are now. So they can know the current you. The person you have become since they’ve known you. And learn to cherish those bonds. For they are there for you when you fall. And they are there for you when you fly. They are there and deserve thanks. And deserve a relationship and time. Because they gave their time and love to you. An irreplaceable gift.



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