On Taking Responsibility
You live and you learn. You learn how one event leads to another leads to another. There are always consequences. They may not be immediately apparent. But everything influences everything. Whether it’s how you approach the next situation, or the situation you are placed in. Calling him will lead to something. Everything you do becomes a choice. A life choice that you made. And no matter who or what informs that decision, it is on you. It’s your back. It’s your choice. You take credit. You shoulder the blame. So choose who you choose to take advice from. Choose who to surround yourself with. But remember it’s still on you.  And always remember to take responsibility for your actions. Personally. Understand what could be changed in the future. Learn. Learn what you did right. What you did wrong. Don’t just learn from your mistakes. Remember your successes too. So that they can be repeated. So they can be stored. To go back to as references. For when you are feeling terrible and need a reference to go back to. To cushion the blow.


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