On the learning lessons

Take in the lessons from the past. Don’t look back and think that because you were younger you did not know what you were doing. She had some clue. Some idea. She wasn’t stupid. Perhaps less aware. More naive. But her beliefs have validity. And apply to who you are today. Remember the pain you’ve experienced. Just because you healed and picked up the pieces does not mean you have the right to make the same mistakes again. Learn. Go forward. And don’t make the same mistakes. For how many times will it take for a lesson to kick in if you can’t learn from the start. Every moment counts. Yes. screw ups happen. Mistakes are made. You are human. But don’t let them occur from stupidity. From a lack of care. Let the mistakes happen organically. Without regret. Own your opinions. Stick to your opinions. Change your mind. with consideration. Take nothing for granted. Everyone dies. Opportunities pass. Appreciate the world around you. For what it is today. Tomorrow will be different. Better? Who knows.



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