Re: The Tough Questions

And I think it’s about standing on the brink of the edge and choosing to dive in. Choosing life. And asking the tough questions.

Who am I

What do I want

Where am I going

How am I paying for it

Why not run away

What would I be leaving behind

Why not move to Rome or Berlin


Who will I love

How will that effect me


What about insurance and

health plans and

retirement and

college and

education and

being a mother


And career

Where will that go

Where is that taking me


How do I get out of bed in the morning


What about commitments and

love and

my future


What do I want

How will I get there

What do I work on today

How does today bring tomorrow and

get me where I want to go


What is success

Why didn’t she write back

How is my family


I want to move to Rome

I’m finding my own way

Remember to eat something


What am I working on tomorrow

How am I growing

Should I choose life

Why is this so hard

Please God just help me through


And hit the grindstone

keep moving

be a shark


Get the small things done

get all of the small things done

Figure out the big picture


What’s the next job

What does the future hold

Is my future really bright

It feels so dark and confusing

How do I pick from the big picture


Where am I going today

Who am I seeing this week

How do I stay on top of everything

Am I seeing you for dinner

Can I afford that


Live in the moment and

be in the moment

What is this moment calling for

How am I juggling everything

How is everything moving so fast and

so slow


What’s happening tomorrow and in ten years

How will I raise my children


I have so many questions

so many tough questions

my mind is an echo chamber


So I guess I’ll just go eat dinner.



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