Re: New York

I looked out the window and I saw grey. I saw windows. Windows of light. Windows of dark. And I realized that every single one of those windows was occupied by a unique person who lived here in this strange city and only wanted to get by and thrive and do everything and be happy.

And every window contained a story of a person fighting to survive. Proud to live here. Wanting to stay here. Fighting all the odds that try to kick you out of this place. And every window had a family. A community somewhere else. A community here. A group of friends. Of colleagues. Of people dreaming of success. And we are all connected. One window knows another window who knows another window who knows me.

And this is a strange town. This is a town of greed. Of theatre. Of romance. Of illusion. Of hard work. Of working five years to be an overnight success. Of fashion. Media. Money. Poverty. You name it. It’s here.

And you’ve entered this world where people do. They don’t just talk. They do and they make. And they move fast. Faster. Faster. Finish it. Go on to the next thing. We move fast. And enough is never enough. There is always another goal. Another project. Another job.

We work so we can live. And we love to live so we work more. Sometimes the work is our life. Sometimes our work supplements our life. But we keep going and pushing. For the next job. The next promotion. The next objective.

And we reinvent. We find new passions. We rediscover ourselves. Change. It’s constant change. And they make room. Room for the younger. The smarter. The better. All in the name of progress and moving forward.

And we are each fighting to be a part of that. So that grey I see out the window. I love that grey. I delight in that grey. I work hard for that grey that contains the energy of this insane beautiful city.



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