Re: Being a mulithyphenate

We live in a world of multi-hypehnates. Gone are the days when you can just be a designer or an actor or a singer. No. Today, if you want a successful career, you must be a multi hyphenate. So I’m a writer-actor-producer-designer-director. 

The problem arises when I try to figure out which to do first. For I am all of those things. You are many things too.  And apart from the difficulty in functioning in a “one career per person” society, each person must themselves figure out which role to take on first. And deal with a past version of themselves who only ever wanted to be one of those things.

I’ve wanted to be an actress from the age of 10, when I first did a monologue about  a dying dog. There was no looking back after that point. But I’m 21 now. And I have accrued so many other interests beyond just acting. Wanting creative control of my life for example. 

But I now face the challenge of what to embrace first. I am every aspect of that multi-hypehante. I love to write. I love to act. I crochet. I design clothes. I produce work, and I direct work. But where to start. What path to put first.

What will make me happy? Money? Feel creatively fulfilled? What do I want? How do I define success? That’s the biggest question. How do you define success? What are you working towards everyday? Finding a direction to first point your compass.

In a place where people are phenomenally wealthy, is that success? Does having a career make you successful? A family? A close relationship to God? An absurd amount of money? What is your success? What does success in each one of those identities mean? Which hyphen comes first? What path do I go down first? As a 21 year old with your entire life ahead of you, how do you choose the first step?



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