Re: Moving Parts

The hardest part about having 10 million things going on in your life is that everyone else does too. And we all have complex schedules. And we all want to go go go. And have established schedules and know what’s coming when. And then people don’t follow through on commitments. Or they don’t get back to you.

And you feel trapped in this trajectory of wanting to move forward. But there are too many moving parts up in the air. And you feel gipped. Or you missed this opportunity. Or why did she get this and what am I doing!!!???

Pause. Take a deep breath. For there are many moving parts. And although it is a tremendous difficulty, relish in everything you have going on. Be grateful for what is happening. Embrace the challenge. Vow to yourself to learn from other’s examples. Don’t do what they’re doing wrong. Correct that behavior by being better. And though it is a time of frustration, keep pushing and going. For this moment is great. And this moment is your life. It is something to live in, and not wish away.

Live in this moment and know that better will come by learning from this time. Keep busting your ass. And move the moving parts. Be your best self around others who aren’t. Do not sink to their level. Live up to your level and live your life knowing you were you, and that you did everything you could to get the job done.

You have to go to sleep with your decisions. Not theirs. So love your choices. And though this time is impossible, you must be yourself. Own that. That can be your rock in the chaos.



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