Re: Post Grad Life

Facebook truly can kill your self esteem. Especially as a post grad. Post grad life, even when you have all of these grand ideas about what you want to do is a fraught path. And logging onto facebook only adds to the self esteem crisis. After logging onto facebook you will immediately see that all of your friends are being more productive, feeling happier, and looking better than you. You see everything that they have going on, and you are once again a socially awkward unemployed loser with no prospects for the future.

Get off Facebook. Or at least, get off your newsfeed. Now, don’t be one of those people who says they’re “Taking a break.” Then all of your friends will immediately start messaging you asking if everything’s ok, and you will be drawn back in deeper. No. Just stop paying attention to everything that makes you feel like crap.

Hear me out. Take a step back and think about what you post on facebook. When you post on Facebook. Why you post on Facebook. You do it when you are in search of a community to sympathize with you. Or you’re bragging about your life, and you want everyone to know how great you’re doing.

But half the time, you feel like crap, and just want people to make you feel validated. Posting in it’s nature is meant to be a loud and obvious beacon of attention and “LIKE ME!!!”

How many times have you added a few extra exclamation points to cover up some deep seeded resentment of whatever you’re posting about? How often do you post your mundane life activities, beyond the extraordinarily sad or happy times in your life?

We all present a particular face or aspect of our personality to the public. And we aren’t going to discuss the underbelly most of the time. So think about that the next time you look at your newsfeed. It is a highly selective sample of the truth. A pattern you yourself fall into. And if your life is not all sunshine and roses, you can bet that you are not alone.

And as a side note, if your life is all sunshine and roses, let’s talk. How did you do that?



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