Re: Journals

Well, here goes. That first post. Where all blog authors try to establish who they are. Find themselves. Figure out their audience. And the theme for today is…

Re: Journals

I find Journals to be strange things. They are pieces of our mind contained in ink and paper and privacy. They are private thoughts. Hidden from a world of judgment and fear. Fear of reality. Fear of truth. And we put in a journal what our mask refuses to reveal. What is best unsaid to the world. What no one can know. That contains our private thoughts.

Perhaps it should be public. Perhaps we should leave the world of the private page and throw everything out to the world. Create a world of honesty and truth. What a world that would be where we all spoke our minds to each other and always lived with the results. What friendships would be made. What friendships would be lost.

Would we be stronger? Less happy? If everything were true what type of world would that be? We know what the truth brings. It brings exile. Accusations. Words of hate. Words of praise. Of bravery for those actions. Idols. People become idols for truth telling. And people are expelled.

It’s safer to live in a world of falsehood. Of fake smiles. It creates that search for honesty. Forces us to turn to the pen and paper. Private thoughts shared with a book. Oh what secrets books contain. What truths. Of pain. Of desire. Of the real. Open a book to discover the real. The truth of a mind. All that we don’t see.



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