Welcome! This is the repository for the mind of Sarah Newton. I’m a 24 year old living in New York, trying to figure out this big crazy world, and what I want to do with my life. I write. I act. I crochet.

I write essays, journals, screenplays, sketches, plays. Anything and everything.

I act in comedy, drama, on stage, on camera, in my bathroom. Basically anywhere.

I have my own crochet line, Puzzled Heart Designs. I love to make beautiful things that bring beauty to every person who wears one of my designs.

I don’t sleep too much. But I adore my big, complex crazy life. And I constantly attempt to live every moment to the fullest.

So this is a place where I put my work. My somewhat unfiltered thoughts. I mean it’s filtered. Because no one needs to read a completely unfiltered mind.

The Journal is the place where I put my most unfiltered thoughts. My thoughts regarding questions, friends, conversations. The thoughts I have regarding life.

The essays are the personal essays I’ve written over the years. Stories from my school years. Stories from my grown up years. Stories about my family. Funny stories. Tragic stories. And everything in between.

B12 Shorts contains the behind the scenes essays for my short films. I write and edit the short films, as a a part of my production company, B12 Productions. The shorts are silent, black and white films. Akin to films from the silent, Charlie Chaplin era.

The Work contains photos of crochet work I’ve done for myself. Some of the pieces I am most proud of, that have maintain a life hidden away in my apartment.

The clips contain clips from films I’ve worked on, generally clips I’ve written, and act in. They are in varying degrees of completion. Still quite rough.

The shorts contains small excerpts from my journal. Pieces from entries that speak to me or convey some universal insight. Hopefully, they serve you in some way. Or provide some form of perspective.

Dialogue scraps contain small scraps of conversation. Some real. Some fictional. They are there to make you smile. They are short. They are observational.

So feel to explore and enjoy! The unfiltered, the comedic, the profound. All the things on the mind of a puzzled heart.



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